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What can I offer you?

Games Development

Do you need a developer for your upcoming title?

I’m a game developer at heart, with a passion for gameplay mechanics. Having worked with some great indie studios, I’m always on the lookout to work with ambitious game studios on their creative endeavours.

With great knowledge of Unity and Unreal Engine, C# and C++, and a great belief in a healthy work-leisure balance, I’m sure I’d be a great fit for your development team.

VR Content Development and Consultancy

With over 3 years of Virtual Reality development experience, I have developed content for various great platforms available to consumers.

I have access to my own HTC Vive, Oculus Touch, Gear VR and Samsung Gear 360 camera in order to develop for the most popular VR platforms available to your end user.

If your business requires a VR solution, be it a 360° experience or a video game, make sure your first step is talking to me about it!

Midpoint Suite

The Midpoint Suite is a bespoke software solution developed in close partnership with Centroid Motion Capture.

It allows live motion capture data to be streamed into Unreal Engine 4 for live previsualisation.


Game and VR Dev, and Software Solutions

Relative Dimensions is a one-man studio, developing high-quality software solutions, and working with fantastic studios to bring their games and virtual reality experiences to life.

The company started life as an incubation business at the Falmouth University Launchpad programme. It has since flourished into a business that develops bespoke software solutions with renowned industry partners, and explores exciting concepts with some of the most creative minds in Games and VR.

Who is Relative Dimensions?

Enough about what I can offer! - Who am I?
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Sam Pike

Founder / Developer
With a keen interest in video games and how things work from a young age,
I went onto study Games Technology and Entrepreneurship to start my own business and craft what inspired me as a child – great games and software.

Who have I worked with?

Who has joined the start of my portfolio of great clients and fantastic creative partners?

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