Relative Dimensions Studios Limited is a one-person development studio with a heavy focus around Virtual and Augmented Reality game development.

Starting out life as a group of graduates at Falmouth University’s Alacrity Incubation Programme 2014 (now Launchpad), Relative Dimensions began exploring the possibilities of VR for the out-of-home entertainment sector, and prepared a VR experience demo of a well known television franchise for the BBC. Following the incubation programme, the studio became a solo developer offering contractual expertise within the VR and AR games space.

Working closely with industry partner Centroid Motion Capture (a relation that began via Alacrity) we created a bespoke real-time motion capture pre-visualisation plugin for Unreal Engine 4. This allows for their motion capture systems at their Pinewood Studio stage to pump live data from actors on the stage floor, straight onto high-fidelity characters in engine. This opens up brilliant opportunities such as for directors to explore live virtual sets with live characters, and get the closest representation ever for how their mocap data will look in the final scene – whether it be for games, film, or television.

Since then I’ve worked with many industry partners and clients to provide VR and AR development services on multiple platforms including:

  • HTC Vive
  • Oculus Rift
  • PSVR
  • Android (AR)
  • iOS (AR)


Who am I?
My name is Sam Pike and I’m the founder and director of Relative Dimensions. I’ve always had a passion for video games which led me to pursuit a BSc (Hons) Games Technology at The University of West England. I then swiftly moved on to pursuit a MA Entrepreneurship at Falmouth University, in tandem with starting up a business in their Alacrity incubation programme.

I’ve gone on to gain strong experience and knowledge of VR and AR development, working with industry clients and partners to help them bring their experiences and games to life. I’ve also provided guest talk lectures teaching a second year game development course at Falmouth University on topics such as Networking and Procedural Generation.

My development experience has mostly been within UE4, with some shorter experience within Unity. I’m a strong UE4 C++ and Unity C# programmer, working across various projects, including one game project as a Project Lead Programmer. I’ve had the privilege to work across many VR platforms, including HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift, PSVR, and AR for Android and iOS.

Most recently I’ve been working hard with an industry partner on their next VR title, and developing a custom SteamVR driver for a VR peripheral – allowing their device to work with thousands of VR titles on Steam.

As well as a game developer, I’m a keen gamer spending most of my free-time gaming (whether it be exploring single-player worlds or climbing the ranks in multiplayer games). I’m also a guitarist, and I’m engulfed by geek culture.